Squeeze type resistance spot welding

Squeeze, or spot welding, has been around for more than 100 years and is probably the most commonly used form of welding in the industry.

The spot of the weld is completed in a fraction of a second, with total reliance on the welding gun and its operating system to accurately reproduce the welding parameters required for an accurate weld.

Depending on the project and usage of this welding procedure, it can surely mean the difference between a good looking and fully functional welded area, or something that will cost more in continued repairs over the long-haul. We get it done right the first time!


State certified unitized body repair
Aluminum, Silicon, and Bronze Welding

Unibody designs have become the new norm for most vehicles today. Manufacturers have realized that a Unibody automobiles are lighter than the body-on-frame vehicles of old. Producing lighter vehicles that have increased fuel efficiency is very important for car manufacturers that are trying to meet higher federally required vehicle standards.

We pride ourselves on having the best trained technicians in the area, and investing in the equipment needed for repairs to new Unibody designed vehicles. We will continue to stay dedicated to meeting our customers needs in a friendly, professional and timely manner.

Expert paint matching
Environmentally conscious

We have a state-of-the-art GARMAT "down draft" Paint Spray Booth.

Our environmentally-friendly, climate-controlled booth equipped with color-correct lights guarantees professional results

We use PPG water-borne paint.

PPG Envirobase High Performance paint provides accurate color match and superior quality.

Headlight restoration

We focus on using the latest and best methods of headlight restoration, giving our customers an affordable alternative to replacing their headlight lenses.

Coming to Mackeys for your headlight restoration can improve the overall exterior look of your vehicle, decrease long-term costs, and most importantly, increase driver safety with greater overall driving visibility.

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